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  Television: Dante's Cove

Dante's Cove on Here! TV
Dante's Cove follows the lives of a group of gay and lesbian twentysomethings living in an apartment complex on the beach. Kevin, running away from his past, moves in to The Hotel Dante, a hotel turned apartment building, with his boyfriend, Toby. When Kevin accidentally releases a sinister part of the hotel's past, he and his friends must work to solve the mystery surrounding the evil that is spreading through the town.
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  • Dante's Cove Yahoo Group
    Join the Dante's Cove YGroup! to talk about the show with other fans and share hot pictures:

    Charlie David
    Meet the OUT star of the new series, and former boyband member:
    Charlie David's official site

    Dying to Be With You
    Listen to the theme song from the new series. Download the mp3 now:

    Want more?
    Visit the official Dante's Cove website for the latest news: