Bisexuality or homosexuality belongs to paersonal matters. Whatever others say it is now good to have the opportunity to be open about this sexual behaviour.
Many people condemn it but there is nothing wrong in that you are affected to both man and women.
It may not be natural after all for many people but once you are like that, bisexual you do not have many choices.
To keep it a secret burns you inside but to make it public would entail some people looking crazy at you.
It is not an illness or any disease - it is only a sexual orientation and it is between humans.
There are more and more people coming out with bisexuality and it is a good sign the society has become that open that people with this orientation can make there debut
and say flatly what they are into - and this helps them make it easier - it is not that other people should know but it is the desire to be open with that.

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