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  •   LGBTI Interfaith Discussion Group
  •   QSpirit.org
  • Christian de la Huerta
    The term "Gay Pride" barely begins to capture the sense of honor and respect this rich spiritual heritage deserves: more...

    Rainbow Sash Movement
    Reflecting on the passing of Pope John Paul II: more...

    Open Letter to HRC
    HRC Religion website excludes Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Pagans, Sikhs, and Two-Spirits: more...

    Wine and Wafer as Weapons?
    Troy Perry on the Regrettable Politics of Holy Communion: more...

    LGBTI Hindus
    The Man Who Was a Woman and Other Queer Tales from Hindu Lore:
    Read the review
    More for Queer Hindus

    LGBTI Muslims
    Advice from Sulyman X:
    Visit Queer Jihad
    More for Queer Muslims

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